Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What is Grinding Media Balls And its Uses

Grinding media is the material that is used inside of a type of ball. Grinding Media that needs to be grinded into a fine powder is put into the ball and the grinding ball is then rotated over and over. The grinding media inside of that Grinding Balls is falling and squishing the material as the grinding ball rotates so that the material to be grinded is grinded into a powder.

Uses Of Grinding Media Balls
Grinding Media Balls are used in Grinding process, where heat plays an important role during milling and dispersion process. These balls consist of high tensile strength and are widely applicable in various industrial uses. These are hardened to be made suitable for applications that require high wear and chemical resistance. Grinding Media Balls are employed for the applications requiring contamination-free medium and also used for speedy grinding of solids, liquids, size reduction of fine particles etc. Grinding Media Balls are also used in food related products as they are free from iron contamination. Grinding Media Balls are also beneficial in reducing particle size and fine dispersion of highly viscous fluids.
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