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We ( Shreeji Balls ) Are one of the leading Manufacturers Of Steel Balls , Ball Bearings,Freewheel And Parts,Bicycle Hubs, Miniature Balls ,Bicycle Balls,etc.

We are most reliable manufacturer, supplying to the OEM’s of Bearings, Automobiles, Bicycle Steel Balls  , Castors, and the Ferrite, Paint and Ink manufacturing industries.

Today the ball bearing is used in numerous everyday applications. Ball bearings are used for dental and medical instruments. In dental and medical hand pieces, it is necessary for the pieces to withstand sterilization and corrosion. Because of this requirement, dental and medical hand pieces are made from 440C stainless steel, which allows smooth rotations at fast speeds.

steel ball applications are most commonly used in :-

Applications In Ball Bearings :-

:- Grade 20, hardened chrome steel balls are applicable.
:- Manufactured in high carbon high chrome steel, also called bearing steel (AISI-52100 / EN-31)
:- Basic Diameter Tolerance: ± 0.0001" or ± 0.0025 mm or ± 2.50 microns.

Application In Bicycles :-

:- Grade 200 or 500 are suitable.
:- Manufactured in hardened high carbon high chrome steel (AISI-52100 / EN-31 / EN-9 / M.S.)

Application in Automotive :-

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steelballindia for automotive applications extend from engine components to airbags and more:-

:- Platinum balls or rivets for spark plugs
:- Aluminum balls in airbags
:- Stainless steel and aluminum balls in seatbelt locking mechanisms
:- Steel balls for seat slides
:- Balls in steering mechanisms
:- Check valve balls
:- Plug balls in engine parts

Application in steel ball :- 

Steel balls are widely used in construction products and equipment:-

* Steel balls for quick disconnect couplings
* Balls for ball bearings
* Balls for roller bearings
* Brass & stainless steel balls in ball valves

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