Thursday, June 16, 2011

High Quality Grinding Media Balls

We ( Shreeji Balls India ) introduce our self as a manufacturers of Steel Balls, Bearings Balls, Ball Bearings, Grinding Media Balls, Bicycle Balls, Bearing Manufacturers, Stainless Steel Balls, Steel Ball Applications.

Over a period of time, we have developed a reputation for quality and commitment. The company is well equipped with facilities including some of the finest machine tools and quality control equipments from places around the world.

Shreeji Balls,based in jaipur, the industrial hub of Northern India, is one of the leading manufacturers of Steel Balls, Bicycle Hubs

' Engaged in the production of industrial balls in various ferrous and non-ferrous metals, we conduct business across the nation.

With our 16 years of manufacturing and engineering experience, we can produce balls from any machinable material to meet your requirements. We are committed to quality and continue to invest in equipment and personnel to enable us to provide the highest quality balls to our customers.

Steel Grinding Media Balls Advantages

Steel grinding media finds advantage where:-

* High wear and chemical resistance is required.

* Generation of heat is crucial to the milling and dispersion process.

* Contamination free and speedy (dry / wet) milling is important.

* Crushing and mixing heavy and hard materials is undertaken.

* High pressure and impact grinding or crushing methods are employed.

* Reducing particle size and fine dispersion of highly viscous fluids is required.

Our well trained and qualified staffs have contributed vastly in enabling the company to grow at a fast pace for over a decade and capturing a large market share in the automobile original equipment segment in India.

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